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Pete - August 2010

A difficult couple of years in sixth form meant that I left school with a maths A-Level grade E, which meant I missed out on getting into the university of my choice and even clearing spaces were limited. At this point I decided to enquire about the possibility of re-sitting my maths A-Level and, although the school I had attended were unable to allow me access to the lessons, they gave me Mandy's number. I first made contact with Mandy in September to enquire about the possibility of tuition and her friendly approach was evident from the start, depsite the enormity of the challenge. After this initial contact I began weekly lessons at Mandy's home, where I was made to feel welcome by the whole family, which created a nice relaxed atmosphere to learn in. Mandy's approach to maths is in my opinion is first class, in particular her patience and ability to explain topics in a range of different ways to ensure the concept is fully understood. Mandy also, when necessary, has the ability to get a student to pull their socks up, if she notices the effort being put in isn't enough, which I was subject to, with Mandy setting clear targets weekly for me to complete. Over the course of the academic year I have re-taken all the of the maths A-Level modules, with only Mandy's tuition, I have managed to improve my grade from an E to an A*. This improvement is a credit to Mandy and the level is tuition she provides, as this would have been impossible without her. I simply cannot praise or thank Mandy enough. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Tom - August 2009

I came to Mandy during my AS levels as I failed a January module and needed help to re-sit it in June. The approach we took was clever as instead on just working on parts I didn’t understand, we started again learning the whole module from the beginning as if it was all new. This way worked so well because it meant I had one style of learning, and it didn’t clash with my A-level teacher’s methods, but also meant parts which I thought I understood but didn’t were picked up on and easily corrected. When a difficult part arose, we would go right back to basics and build up to the level I was meant to be at. As my exam came I could tell the difference in the confidence I had, and past papers we marked were showing obvious improvements from January. I achieved an A grade in the exam and was singing Mandy’s praises as it was obvious I couldn’t have done it without her. Following the success of my AS grades I decided to carry on getting tuition for my A-levels and managed to achieve a C grade as my final A-level result. I managed to get into a university and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been the same story if it wasn’t for the A grade she helped me get, or the results in the A-levels. Thank you very much Mandy as basically I wouldn’t have got into a university if it wasn’t for your help so I would highly recommend her as a tutor. Always friendly, positive and patient, even when I couldn’t do the simplest of sums!

Liz - January 2009

As a mature student I came to Mandy for tutoring because I work in education and nowadays you have to have a GCSE in Maths & English in order to get on any course, or in my case in order to gain promotion. When I was at school I was hopeless at maths, never fully understood how to do a lot of it so consequently I only managed to achieve a CSE grade 3. As well as maths GCSE being necessary for promotion, I am doing a course at Lancaster University but one of the stipulations is you have to have maths, I was told that I could sit the GCSE at the University but the exam was on December 12th. And this is where Mandy came to my rescue. Her patience and the way she helped me understand methods involved was fantastic. Over the space of about five weeks I went from being clueless to actually knowing & even understanding lots of the concepts involved (even some algebra), and when it came to me sitting the exam I felt so much more confident and being able to actually answer questions and know they were right was just brilliant. Of course the reason I am writing this testimonial is because I passed, & I can't thank Mandy enough for all the help she gave me. I would recommend her to anyone.

Ben - September 2008

I first received maths tuition with Mandy in year 11. Prior to this tuition I was falling behind my target grade and failing to understand what I was being taught at school. With her help I managed to get a grade A at GCSE and go on to get a grade A at A level; two grades above my initial prediction. The one to one tuition I received restored confidence in my mathematical abilities andmade me actually begin to start enjoying the subject. Her teaching was very encouraging and she was always willing to work at my pace as a team on any topics I struggled with. I would recommend Mandy to anyone considering Maths tuition as she was a great help and always friendly and patient.

Vicki - March 2008

My name is Vicki Noble and I am a first year student studying teaching with music at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle. I first went to Mandy for tutoring for my A-level Maths. As Mandy predominantly teaches SAT’s and GCSE level I was especially pleased when she said she would tutor me for my A-level. As a student I have always enjoyed maths however in my first year of sixth form I felt I needed extra help to gain the grades I deserved, this is when I turned to Mandy. One of the first topics Mandy helped me with was Statistics I had previously taken the exam in the June and had only achieved an E grade with Mandy’s help and determination I re-took the exam in the following January and came out with a B grade, which I was ecstatic about. As well as being a great teacher Mandy is very flexible and can to cater for everyone’s specific needs. I found she was able to help me understand difficult concepts by describing them in a different ways to that of my class teacher. She is also great as she is able to fit around your school lessons. Mandy was able to help me recap methods and concepts I had previously learnt in school, she was also able to help me with my coursework and topics which I found difficult. Overall I feel Mandy is a brilliant teacher as has helped me towards a prosperous career as a teacher. I am eternally thankful as with out her help I would have been able to where I am today.

Tom - Feburary 2008

I started having lessons with Mandy when I was in Year 9, I’m now in Year 11 and still here. I started attending lessons when I realised that the teaching I was receiving was less than sub standard. I was worried about my progress, especially with the upcoming SATs tests, apart from anything I was under confident, I felt like Maths was my weak point. However with Mandy’s help I turned it around. I was able to achieve a level 7 in my Year 9 SATs which allowed me to move up into Set Mandy in Year 10. I went from strength to strength, in the first module of my GCSE’s I managed to get full marks, something, which I repeated in the second module in the June of Year 10.Currently I am a couple of months away from sitting my final module of my GCSE. Mandy has helped me every step of the way. I have gained confidence in myself and in my Maths skills. Maths has gone from being one of my most hated subjects to being one of my favourite. Mandy has done this in a variety of ways. Telling me where I am going wrong and where I am right, encouraging me and of course teaching me maths. Mandy is a great teacher and I hope you will have the same great success that I have had and I hope will continue to have.

Megan - Feburary 2008

Maths had never been one of my strong subjects, but I was determined to get an A at GCSE to set myself up for the future. However in my Year 10 November module I scrapped a B - not quite the grade I was looking for. My Mum and Dad's friend had suggested Mandy. Turns out she was more like a friend then a teacher and I never felt embarrassed to ask questions. After 2 years my confidence had grown and I succeeded in getting an A!!

Katy - Feburary 2008

I first started to go and see Mandy for my Year 9 SATS because I panicked during exams. Eventually after weekly tutoring I achieved one mark off a 7 in my SATs and an A in my GCSE first module!